Driving Into The Unknown

Sometimes there are just opportunities that you can’t pass up, and for me, that was spontaneously booking a flight to Anchorage, Alaska, to chase the Aurora Borealis — something I never imagined I would do before the age of 30. Just me, an acquaintance from Denver, and three other photographers that I’ve never met. To […]

Heavy In Nature – Part II

I had decided long before the trek began I would take the more direct route from Cortez to Flagstaff as to have more time to piddle around in the city before I went to camp. Now, let me just give you a small piece of advice before you make a decision like this yourself. Take […]

Heavy In Nature – Part I

It may be hard, but it is possible to stave off a hangover and make a 6 hour drive through mountain passes. Still, I don’t recommend it. By the time I was in Alamosa, Colorado, the headache had finally dulled to a light blip and I no longer felt like water was too spicy for […]