Finding A Sleeping Bag

Backpackers can be forgiven if they’re a little obsessive about the warmth-to-weight ratio of a sleeping bag. You can’t sleep well if you’re cold, and even an ultra-efficient ultralight bag will still be one of the heavier, bulkier items in your pack. So, time spent evaluating your backcountry sleeping solution is time well-spent. When deciding […]

Burton Step-on Bindings

Imagine a world of simply stepping into your binding, just like a skier does. No bending over and fighting with ratchet straps that are frozen. No taking your foot out on a cat trail. None of that. Burton did imagine that back in the late 90’s. And it suuucked! Fast forward to 2020 and they’re […]

What Size Snowboard Do I Need?

To choose the right length snowboard you’ll need to consider your height and weight while also thinking about the type of snowboarding you plan to do. In this video, Katie talks through the keys to getting the right board for you.

Finding The Right Backpack

Choosing the right pack comes down to figuring out the right capacity, features and fit. In this video, Miranda shows you how to balance your options to pick the best backpack for you.