A Great product will get you a Mention.
A great Strategy will build a Movement.

The Tide Is Changing

Today’s digital ecosystem, and more so the digitally engaged consumer, are redefining the way brands are required to connect with them to get their attention. Dark Social, changing algorithms, platform fragmentation, and speed to audience are forcing brands to redefine their strategies and create extraordinary value in our winner-take-all digital economy. 

And as a Digital Marketer, whether in-house, boutique, or freelance, you are being asked to do more every day. Posting to social media and sending emails is no longer enough, executives want a plan. They want a strategy that puts them ahead of everyone else. 

Are you equipped to deliver that strategy?

Opportunity Is Invented

We get asked all the time, “How did Gearmunk build a passionate community of almost 250,000 with a ridiculously high engagement rate that gets us, and our partners, noticed, and do it in under 24 months?”  

We did it by breaking the rules, doing what others aren’t, inventing our opportunities, and creating a movement built on strategy.


235,000 Users
71% Engagement
1.6% MoM Growth

All in under 18 months

We've done this for countless brands from outdoor to fashion to food,
And we can show you how to do it, too.

Every Brand Needs It,
Talks About It

Every successful journey begins with a plan… a strategy. Working with countless brands and digital marketers they define their digital game as “okay”, but they fight for ever view, every engagement, every customer. 

They’re worried about changes in privacy making it harder to reach their customer. They’re worried about platform/attention fragmentation. They’re worried about Dark Social and how to leverage it before it’s too late. They’re worried about being left behind. 

They’re worried.

They know they need a strategy, but who has time?

So… in a continued effort to bring value to more brands and marketers, and scratch our own entrepreneurial itch… we’re pulling back the tent flap on the strategy we, and several of our partners, have used to blow up while nobody was watching.

Strategy Without The Struggle

Scorecards and KPI’s are great for measuring what happened, but you can’t think more strategically, get to smarter decisions faster, and out-maneuver your competition by looking behind you. Being able to rapidly execute and scale your digital marketing is key to winning in the future.


Learn how top brands create value and get consumers talking about them. Deep dive on the strategies that define winners today. Assess a brands ability to generate value using our proprietary Algorithm Framework then apply that Algorithm to your business to identify strategic opportunities.


You and your team will be able to start implementing these practices immediately and build a foundation for rapid evolution well into the future.

Office hours with our team and live Q&A sessions will keep you focused and on track.


The scaled implementation will allow you to start gaining traction immediately without being overwhelmed. You'll quickly start identifying the strategies that drive value with your community, regardless of size, and how to make actionable strategic decisions without getting stuck on ineffective tactics.

Ready To Invent Your Opportunities?

Broken into four strategy sprints that build on each other, this program is designed to help you think more strategically, get to smarter decisions faster, out-think, out-maneuverout-smart, and out-execute your competition in the new digital marketing landscape.

These are all high-level yet deep-dive sessions, you won’t learn how to run a facebook ad or post instagram stories, there are more than enough of those resources available online for free. These are designed for the serious entrepreneur, brand, or digital strategist that wants to think strategically, invent their opportunities, and grow their brand into a movement.  

Each session includes

  • Deep dive video lessons 
  • Video case studies of winners we will tear down & analyze 
  • Q&A ‘Office Hours’ sessions led by our team
  • Exclusive short videos several times a week from our team on how sprint lessons apply to the current marketing landscape
  • Downloadable data, resources, and worksheets for research included in lessons and case studies
  • Dynamic Algorithm templates and frameworks to quickly analyze opportunities and execute on initiatives

Plus guest lectures from industry rockstars, and much more.

Class I

The Analysis Framework

March, 2020
Learn the fundamental strategies and frameworks that will set you up to quickly scope out current opportunities, study winners in your category, assess current audience behavior and and build an evolving, scalable model that serves you well into the future.

Class II

The Content Factory

May, 2020
Develop a content strategy that will allow you to easily create relevant content at scale across current and emerging platforms, build strategic partnerships, and use the content from your community to start building a movement.

Class III

Loyalty Is Royalty

July, 2020
Build on what you've learned so far and develop gangster loyalty programs that surprise and delight your community and get them to recruit others of equal caliber.

Class IV

Sow & Grow

September, 2020
Let's tie it all together and explore how you use everything you've built to sow seeds that let your community build a movement, all you have to do is care for it and keep in on track.

And when it’s all done, you get access to our continually updated resources & community… forever

“Gearmunk’s unique approach to engagement is the most innovative I’ve seen. We built The North Face through deep personal connections, and Gearmunk is helping do that for the next generation of buyers and brands. That’s why I joined the team.”


Founder, The North Face

You Didn't Come This Far To Only Come This Far!

Space is extremely limited. We designed everything for a smaller group with high touch so we can add value to the serious digital marketer, brand, and entrepreneur that truly wants to grow and execute. If you need to out-think, out-maneuver, out-execute, and outsmart your competition, invest in yourself with these Strategy Sprints.

This is first come, first served. Once this opportunity is full it will not be offered again for at least a year. Can you wait a year? 

Digital Strategy Intensive: $1,124.00

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