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I love a good story that creates beautiful content from complicated information. Whether it’s a national campaign or a conversation between peers, authentic communication can move mountains. With more than nine years of experience in results-driven communications, I have had the privilege of working across sectors and with a variety of stakeholders, including executives, media, community leaders and members, activists, Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmakers, and more. Do I have any knowledge of your industry? Possibly! I not, I’m a proven quick learner. I’ve worked with both large corporations and small women-owned businesses and everything in between, including those in outdoor retail, environmental sustainability, public health, hands-on classes for adults, literary marketing, LGBTQ+ rights, podcasting, and more.

+ Looking for a digital strategy? I will build your strategy road map, including, but not limited to, conducting industry research, helping you identify your brand, and developing your communications and marketing strategy.

+ Looking for storytelling support or web design? Whether you need someone to help you tell your story on social media, through email and newsletters, on print materials, or via your website (or all of the above!), I’m your gal.

+ Looking for an editor? I offer editing and proofreading services for any written content, including websites, social media posts, blog posts, articles, tutorials, presentations, books, resumes, and more.

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