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I’m a passionate, fun-loving and mildly irreverent creative. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and businesses craft their brand identities for over 20 years. I do this by developing the quality marketing pieces they need to make their business or products stand out, engage with their audience, and build long-lasting and loyal customer relationships. My specialty is developing cohesive visual brand identities – I develop and weave together logo, graphics, and all the visual messaging that craft the brand experience.

I’ve worked with a large breadth of clients in various industries from medical companies, wineries, and technology to small business gyms, salons, and therapists but aligning my passion of the outdoors, health, and fitness with my love for design is my absolute favorite kind of work. I’m an ultra runner, skier, and heavy lifter. In my free time I do pen and ink drawings, meditate and love to nap in hammocks at high alpine lakes. I’m a people person by nature who’s a solid flim-flammer. If you are an outdoor, health, or fitness company I would love to work with you!

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