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Hey, I’m Hannah! I’m a writer, photographer, and outdoor adventurist. I was born and raised in Texas, and grew up building tree forts in the backyard and reading books under the covers way past bedtime.

In the last few years I’ve channeled my love of storytelling and the outdoors into my work, writing essays about my favorite landscape and taking photos of both epic and everyday adventure. I’ve written university press release articles and product/lifestyle blog posts, and I’ve photographed landscapes and folks arounds the world. As a military spouse, I’ve also created a non-profit community to help military families connect with one another and to the landscapes we call home.

​Adventure in the wilderness has shaped my life and relationships, and I thrive on sharing those incredible experiences with others through the power of words and photos. I believe storytelling is one of our greatest forms of connection, whether those stories be in photo essays, intimate sessions, adventure-filled essays, or the latest outdoor newsletter.

Let’s collab and get YOUR story ready for the world.

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