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Primarily, I’m a freelance journalist focusing on outdoor recreation, conservation, public lands and travel. However, I also do freelance editing for a variety of projects as well as content creation for different brands. I have more than a dozen years of experience in magazines and online outlets, and I’ve worked on both sides of the desk as a freelance writer and a managing editor at different points in my career. Currently, my big project is a FalconGuides hiking guidebook to waterfalls in Maryland, and I’m loving the opportunity to explore and share so many corners of this oft-overlooked state.

As an outdoor adventure journalist, I make it my mission to share stories of our world that will get people excited about protecting it. More than just giving people ideas of cool things to do on their next vacation, I want to highlight our planet’s diversity of unique natural treasures and encourage readers to develop a conservation ethic that will help them fully appreciate and conserve these special places. I take this mindset into every project I do.

Publications I’ve written for include Rails to Trails magazine, Parks & Recreation magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, Subaru Drive magazine and many others. I’ve also been a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America for nearly a decade, and I’ve served on its board of directors for almost three years now.

If you need a writer or editor who’s deeply invested in the outdoors and can make words sing, please get in touch! Thank you for your consideration.

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