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My love for the outdoors has only ever been rivaled by my love of learning and people. My last 10 years have been spent guiding, training guides, working in outdoor education, teaching students and learning every step of the way. Most of that time I spent working in the Outdoor Behavioral Health Industry with adolescents and young adults backpacking and teaching life and survival skills long before this modern wave of mental health focus and outdoor had taken hold on a societal level. I left that industry temporarily to reinvest in my education learning a degree in Tourism and Outdoor Leadership with a focus on Adventure Leadership and Education. The outdoors has been my place of healing, learning and an opportunity to give back to the world community through adventure, education, and emotional development. I have a passion for using writing and photography to capture stories and create connections for people between experience, location, and this adventure that is life. My outdoor pursuits range from mountaineering and backcountry skiing to scuba diving and freediving. I hold certifications in AV1, WFR, Leave No Trace Trainer, Swift water rescue and most recently have moved to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts, development of sustainable tourism and outdoor leadership on the island. I look forward to working with clients internationally to bring my lense and experience to tell the story that their audience will connect with.

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