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I’ve always loved a good story. As a child, I would interview family and friends with my Fisher Price cassette recorder, pretending to have my own radio news program. Years later, among other broadcasting stints, I did have my own show. After completing a B.A. in Communications, I worked in news management for several years before making the move to public relations, where I’ve been ever since. In the early 2000’s, I was bitten by the health and wellness bug, discovering a love for running, and a passion for healthy living.

An accredited senior communications professional, I enjoy sharing about the healing qualities of healthy food and outdoor recreation. As a former journalist, I have a knack for quickly processing information into actionable, consumer-centric messaging, and use my PR, project management and team development skills to engage, educate and empower. An experienced teleworker, I can provide education and resources to support your remote staff.

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