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My name is John Larracas. Born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Davis, California 8 years ago. I’ve been working in the outdoor industry as an operations manager of a technical clothing line company for 5 years now and an outdoor photographer as well for 2 years now.

I’m fluent in key digital media platforms, with an emphasis on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. My exceptional written communication skills allow me to craft effective tweets and posts that inspire user engagement and drive traffic. I’ve also worked on several photography and videography projects and have experience with post editing.

In addition, I’ve worked with different companies and organizations that have allowed me to have a diverse skillset in digital media. I have worked as a digital media director for an international outdoor technical clothing company called Boon Technical Clothing and for a non-profit cancer organization (Early Recognition Is Critical) in California as a social media contributor. I’ve organized several international sporting events for ultimate frisbee and led the digital marketing department of these events from creating digital content to grow organic following of thousands of people and reach that led to the success of the events. I’ve also worked as a camera operator for Fulcrum Media Pro, LLC. It is a sports broadcasting company that specializes in livestreaming of sporting events and filming of documentaries. At that time, I was working with them film livestreaming games of American Ultimate Disc League. A professional ultimate frisbee league in the US and we were working with ESPN for broadcasting games. I’m also a photographer/videographer ambassador for a wildlife non-profit organization based in San Francisco called SaveNature.Org. As Conservation Ambassador, l build and maintain long-term trusting relationships with like-minded businesses, corporations and the public to raise funds for the purchase and protection of threatened and endangered habitat for SaveNature.Org’s Adopt An Acre® and Adopt A Reef® program. I assist SaveNature.Org’s team to influence the brand awareness through the sale and proceeds from my photography. Additionally, I offer forward thinking on worldwide issues such as climate change, forest based medicine and habitat preservation. I’ve also led different youth clinics in the Bay Area for the non-profit and worked with the social media team to tell stories of youth cancer patients. The goal for this was to raise awareness about early cancer prevention and create a space for the community to talk about cancer in an organic way.

Here are the pages of my work:

Website: (Under redesign)
Early Recognition Is Critical:

Some of the projects I’ve done for managing digital media content materials:


Under The Lights In Manila
Event Director
Manila, Philippines

Team PHL v USA highlights:
Team USA v JAPAN Highlights:

– International ultimate frisbee showcase games (USA, Philippines and Japan)
– Live streamed around the world (estimated 1,000 viewers)
– Led the production planning of the event and the live streaming of games
– Spearheaded the pre and post event production such photo and video teasers (interview with athletes and photo shoot)
– Director of social media and marketing content for photography and videography

Boon Rockstar Cup I & II
Event Director
Pampanga, Philippines
2017 & 2018

Event highlights:

– Southeast Asia ultimate frisbee showcase games
– Hundreds of athletes from different countries attended this event
– Recorded multiple live games
– Led the production crew for equipment planning such as internet connection, cameras and playing field area
– Director of social media and marketing content for photography and videography

Moro Auto Spa
Photographer | Videographer
Folsom, California

– Directed marketing commercials used for business social media outlets

– Edited videos specifically for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Sample Video Ad:

Moro | Clear App.mp4

I have a passion for digital media because it’s an effective tool for connecting people. I enjoy creating contents through photos and videos and developing positive relationships with consumers of different backgrounds, and also thrive when executing digital media campaigns – regardless of the target demographic.

Attached screenshots below are from the Instagram page I manage and create digital contents for. My main tasks for managing the social media channel are as follows: take photos of new products for social media posting, filming of athletes wearing the products (interview and short film) and in-charge of the daily posting and captions. The clothing line is called Boon Technical Clothing.


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