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4 quick tips to make you a video review gangster! If you read only one thing we write, make it this.

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First video: this is terrifying!
Second video: this is easy.
If this is your first video, it's normal to be nervous.

To start, set up well. Whether in the forest, a studio, or the shitty apartment your dad got after the divorce:
-Seek natural light
-Avoid background noise
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Get to the Point.

We wrote your opening for you: Your name; Where you are; What you're reviewing.

Jazz it up when you're comfortable. Start your video with a tribute to Gearmunk written in the blood of your enemies. Until then, don't overthink it.
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The perfect Exgearience is probably a lot less technical than you're thinking. It's your experience with gear. So you're the expert.

It's like a convo with your best friend... in just two minutes

Here's an example:
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Scene & Edit!

Editing: a Necessary Evil

If you can do every video in one take then you are a bizarre savant who is going to make Gearmunk your bitch. Everyone else: do not put that sort of pressure on yourself.

Let us show you how in this short video.
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All set? Outstanding! Let’s do this!

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