Thin Air is giving 5% from the show to deserving organizations

Non-profits and social advocacy groups are the lifeblood of the outdoor industry.

Thin Air wants to thank and amplify the NPO community through opportunities for financial support and exposure during the event.


Benefactors will be announced soon!

Get Seen

The Thin Air Gives bulletin board will display clickable logos of non-profits and advocacy groups that are doing great things. 

Brands and media alike will be encouraged to learn more about your organization and how THEY can help through the site or video you link to.


We recommend a quick cell phone video from a team member *or ambassador* telling: 

* Your mission (we provide gear to children!)
*Your impact (we help 4000 children get outside each year)
* Your needs (we need 20 backpacks for this year’s programming)


Space is limited. Non-profits and advocacy groups with budgets less than $1M/year will be considered. And you gotta be doing great things (which we can’t wait to hear about!)

Questions? Jenna loves those:

Thin Air Non-Profit Grant Eligibility, Details, Terms & Conditions

Apply for 2% of Thin Air Proceeds.

Eligibility includes charitable organizations serving the outdoor community or a sub-set therein with 501-C status OR social justice communities legally able to accept funding from corporations. Organizations must have annual budgets less than $1M to be considered.

The grant recipient will be chosen based on their responses to application questions by a bi-partisan committee representing the diverse landscape of the outdoor industry and the enthusiasts it serves.

Efforts to share news of the opportunity with additional deserving organizations will be noted positively. #collaborationovercompetition

The total value of the grant will be determined by total booth sales and profit. For a sold out show, the winning non-profit will receive $20,000

Receive 3% of individual Booth Sales

Eligibility includes charitable organizations serving the outdoor community or a sub-set therein with 501-C status OR social justice communities legally able to accept funding from corporations.

There is no annual budget requirement.

There is no application for this funding. Each brand that registers for Thin Air can write in one organization of their choice to receive 3% of their total booth payment.

Non-profits and communities are encouraged to reach out to brands to request they consider benefitting their organization – at no additional cost to the brand.

Organizations have the opportunity to receive $45 from each standard booth and $195 from each premium booth (and up to $30,000 total) – all from a quick email or chat.

Non-Profit Bulletin Board

Located in the high-traffic lobby near the conference agenda, the non-profit bulletin board will feature clickable logos of the organizations who applied for the Thin Air 2% grant.

If the number of applicants becomes too large for all to be featured, we will select 50 at random.

Conference attendees, including our 1,000 media professionals and representatives from 400 outdoor brands will be encouraged to learn more about your work and current needs through the link you provide.

We recommend a 30 second video that highlights your mission, what you need from the community right now, and the type of partner you’re looking for to pull it off – but you can link to whatever you’d like. This is your space.

Still have questions? Love it. Email, who will be stoked to hear from you.

It's Not About Us Right Now

To ensure we do not take focus from long overdue conversations and efforts on the systemic racism and oppression of our Black friends, neighbours, and colleagues, The Thin Air Show will be postponed until September 15-17.

The outdoor industry, our media & brand partners, and Thin Air (incl. our parent company, Gearmunk) has a lot of work to do. And while we believe the prosperity of the outdoor industry is incredibly important, it simply does not transcend the lives, liberties, and mental health of human beings. 

Our action plan for the September event and beyond is in development as we engage the stakeholders necessary to not only do the work, but do it well, and ensure approaches that are both long term and sustainable. Our holistic plan will address hiring and mentorship practices, corporate giving, and grassroots anti-racist efforts and dialogue. Please stay tuned to our media channels and our partners SNEWS, GearJunkie, and Vanish or register as Thin Air media to be kept abreast of our concrete plans for action. 

Humanity > Profit.

No longer want to work with Thin Air because we believe #blacklivesmatter?  Gross. Email us immediately so we can return your money and remove you from our show.

Let Us Have It