JUNE 10-12, 2020


Finding A Sleeping Bag

Backpackers can be forgiven if they’re a little obsessive about the warmth-to-weight ratio of a sleeping bag. You can’t sleep well if you’re cold, and

How To Sleep Warm

Sleeping in the cold isn’t just for when your drunk and can’t find your car. If you do it right it can be downright fun,

Driving Into The Unknown

Sometimes there are just opportunities that you can’t pass up, and for me, that was spontaneously booking a flight to Anchorage, Alaska, to chase the

Skier Backflips Off Gondola

Always have an exit strategy. We learned this in college at parties and it’s never let us down. Now this type of exit may get

Burton Step-on Bindings

Imagine a world of simply stepping into your binding, just like a skier does. No bending over and fighting with ratchet straps that are frozen.

Heavy In Nature – Part II

I had decided long before the trek began I would take the more direct route from Cortez to Flagstaff as to have more time to

How To Support Women Led Business

Pay Us. There’s a belief that because (some) women are natural caregivers and community builders that it is our role in society to do this work for free. That reinforces the pay gap and it marginalizes our contributions to society. The amount of income and wealth that is lost over free labor is staggering, and if we want to close the pay gap we need to rethink what we expect of women and hone in on how they deserve to be compensated for their skills.

Women Owned Gift Guide

You know what we want? More women in power

That would require us to actually spend money in their shops and cafes, vote for them, hire them, and pay them what they are worth despite the fact that they are over qualified, not qualified enough, loud, bossy, timid, weak, too smart, not smart enough, too fat, not curvy enough, black, brown, in their childbearing years, or over the age of 50. Did we miss anything here?

Status Quo? Hell No!

When I was 17-years-old, the only thing that I wanted to do was ski powder. So, like most responsible teenagers, I picked a university near a ski hill, identified a major that scheduled classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and left the desert for the mountains. My parents didn’t approve, understand, or believe in my lifestyle choices.

The Inner Work Required for Radical Racial Justice

There’s been a major awakening in the collective consciousness as of late. For the first time in history White folks are truly leaning into and holding space for the impact of racism and the experiences of POC.

Turn Your Calling Into Your Career

For many of us who are looking to turn our calling into our career, there are endless amounts of tactical business books. But quite a bit of the real real gets left out, particularly when you’re trying to build a purpose driven business. Here’s four things that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me with Coalition Snow and Sisu Magazine.

Social Media Loser

Instagram makes me feel really bad about myself. I think I need help, but I’m too embarrassed to talk to any of my close friends about it. My self-esteem is deeply affected by how well my posts do or don’t do.

Waterlily Turbine $139.99

WaterLily is a portable river turbine that generates power from flowing water. It is lightweight, packable, and the perfect portable power solution for paddlers, campers, and off-gridders around the world. It charges phones, speakers, cameras, battery banks, and even 12V devices, by generating power from rivers and streams. Batteries die, the sun sets, and generator fuel runs out. WaterLily gives you more power and peace of mind. Buy At

The Rising Tide of Women

For the past 20 years I’ve chased more powder days more than I have paychecks. I have banked some incredible experiences, from month-long river trips down the Grand Canyon to heli-skiing in Alaska, to cycling across Africa.

Men, Take Note

I was having a conversation tonight with 2 white cis males about my experiences working as a woman in the ski industry and being a woman in general. Trying to focus on small achievable goals like changing vernacular used commonly like “Don’t be a pussy,” do anything “like a girl,” and general insults that center around female body parts or attributes.

Reclaim Your Story & Speak Your Truth

For Day 4, we’re sharing an excerpt of an interview with Kriste Peoples, the founder of Black Women’s Alliance about how women can reclaim their own stories and speak their truth.

Stocking Stuffer of the Year

You can always use a carabiner. You can also always use a screwdriver, and a knife, and a fire starter, and a bottle opener (especially

Not Good Enough

Last March, tucked along side half a dozen articles about social enterprises, development in the Global South, and the tech industry in my email, was the headline “Better If It’s Man Made.”

How To (not) Carry Skis

In this educational video from Teton Gravity Research, Colter Hinchliffe and Tim Durtschi instruct us in a variety of ski carrying techniques native to the

Skiing Rooftops

Check out Richard Permin’s latest video: rooftop freestyle skiing in Avoriaz 1800, France. Certain days can be really original… They depend on where you live

What Size Snowboard Do I Need?

To choose the right length snowboard you’ll need to consider your height and weight while also thinking about the type of snowboarding you plan to

Finding The Right Backpack

Choosing the right pack comes down to figuring out the right capacity, features and fit. In this video, Miranda shows you how to balance your

How To Tune Ski Edges

Burrs and rust on your ski edges cause drag and slow you down on firm snow. Learn how to properly maintain your ski edges so

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