Meet The Thin Air Virtual Media Show, a
curated collision of





is the Outdoor Industry’s only


taking the concept of virtual shows to the next level with the most unique experience in the world

Unlike the ZOOM webinars and static webpages with flat, boring booth mockups you’re used to, Thin Air allows real-time interaction with everyone else at the event, their brand, their products, and all panels.

They can go to your website to view  pictures of your products, Thin Air creates engagement.

Thin Air is different because



humans buy gear, not retailers, so you have to



before they even consider the purchase,

and you do that by engaging with the
media they trust.


The communities you care about. If their needs were considered during your design process. And your commitment to the lands and wild spaces we all love. 

Thin Air connects you with 1,000


Bloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, journalists + more to


to the


diverse, outdoorsy AF people that relate to their perspectives and trust their recommendations.

When a consumer is recommended gear by an influencer they trust, intent to purchasr goes by 73%

Learn and participate live in our                






and more from the voices in the outdoors that are experiencing it first-hand and
actively solving problems

This is an


to the




at the edge of tomorrow and the infinite…



And so should be how everyone experiences it

We don’t do cookie cutter at Thin Air, we work with you to build a custom interactive experience that drives attention and creates massive engagement.

And we do it all at a fraction of what you’d pay for any other physical or digital engagement. Let us show you the interactive booth of your dreams.

Gold Booth

Equivalent to 31' x 16'
$ 1,500
  • Fully Customizable Booth
  • Full Voice Interaction With Attendees
  • Display Stunning Interactive Products
  • Listed In Pre-Show Media Emails
  • Discounts on Future Shows
  • Daily Deal listing in The Stoke
  • Access To All Talks, Panels, & Events

Platinum Booth

Equivalent to 52' x 45'
$ 5,000
  • Larger, More Prominent Booth
  • More Customization Options
  • Display More Stunning Interactive Products
  • Full Voice Interaction with Attendees
  • In-Booth Video Wall
  • Vibrant Multimedia Presentations
  • Video Chat Included
  • 1 Roll Up Included
  • 1 Kiosk Included
  • Survey Attendees To Get Instant Feedback
  • Schedule Appointments With Media
  • All-Attendee Broadcast Messaging
  • Featured In Pre-Show Media Emails
  • Free Access To Future Talks & Seminars
  • Discounts on future shows
  • Breaking Trail feature in The Stoke
  • Access To All Talks, Panels, & Events


Custom Size & Configuration
$ 15,000
  • Everything in Platinum, plus...
  • Design Your Own Unique Showroom
  • Unlimited Products & Creativity
  • 3 Marquee Brand Elements In Show
  • All-Attendee Broadcast Messaging
  • Headliner In Pre-Show Media Emails
  • Unlimited A La Carte Options
  • Free Access To Future Talks & Seminars
  • Discounts on future shows
  • Exclusive Sponsor of The Stoke
  • Access To All Talks, Panels, & Events


Media at Thin Air is different because Thin Air is Different! 

Gone are the qualifications of “what magazine do you write for”. We see power across all media platforms, so whether you’re a print journalist, columnist, blogger, youtuber, podcaster, instagrammer or crushing your TikTok game, we think you should probably be here. Click below and tell us more about you. 

A show powered by






in the outdoors and are


of how brands get noticed

frequent Q's

In a word, no.
OR is a retailer show, this is a media show. Outdoor Retailer are pros at building physical shows, we’re pros at building amazing online experiences that get your brand and products noticed by the active outdoor enthusiasts actually buying products.
It’s no secret that social media wins consumer attention and you want consumers who are ready to buy today, not next year. The global pandemic was a quick and hard lesson in how important connecting directly with our consumers is, and that is what Thin Air does.
We know a few things.
  • Almost all retailers are currently closed, preventing in-store shopping & browsing.
  • Retailers likely aren’t placing orders right now, they’ll be selling stock-on-hand trying to recover from months of no revenue.
  • You have products you’re eager to show the world and sell right now.
  • Active Outdoor Lovers are getting outdoors right now.
  • More and more newcomers are discovering the love of the outdoors due to the shutdown and they’ll need gear.
You want your brand and products to be top-of-mind so consumers know what they want and go find it online right now or in-store when they open. The Thin Air Show is purpose-built to do just that. Through our media partners we put you in front of tens-of-millions of people and get them talking about it.

It’s no secret that consumers find and build purchase decisions online, and they do this through the bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, and other social media channels they trust. We have 1,000 media partners that all have audiences consuming their content, and those people have audiences, and so on. What better way to bring exposure to your latest products than to get them in front of a focused audience of outdoor writers, bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers and more, and empower them to talk about it confidently. 

And if a retailer has an online platform they’d like to use to feature gear, they’re invited as media (just like anyone that will get your brand story in front of customers).


We take a different approach to media at Thin Air.

While the value of traditional media is immeasurable and always welcome, Thin Air seeks to bring broader exposure from a host of outdoor writers, bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, podcasters, instagrammers, TikTokers and so much more. 

Through this breadth of coverage brands will gain far more touch points, more inbound traffic, and more exposure.

Thin Air is not a Media Sales event and we will only be accepting media with an established following and intends to cover your brand and products organically. You will never be pitched on advertising in a publication, or pitched “pay for play” coverage.

Inline with privacy policy laws, we are not at liberty to release the details of our content creators simply by their registration. However, we will be releasing a list of content creators that have given us permission to do so prior to the show. A list of major media is listed on this site.

Absolutely not!

It is made very clear to our invited media that they are prohibited from pitching “pay for play” articles. They will be covering your brand and products because they truly like it and think their audience will as well. 


Rather than handing out products to everyone you think might talk about it just to find out they don’t, Thin Air lets you boil it down to the media professionals that most resonate with you, provide them with digital marketing materials, schedule post-show conversations, then send products to those that can’t wait to share your story with their audience. 

New? To our industry yes. Scary? Definitely not.

While this is new to our industry, our team has over 20 years delivering innovative technology in many industries including outdoor, and the technology powering The Thin Air Show has been battle tested by major corporations for years. It’s a brave new world, and we’ll be there to help you be a success at every stage of the process.

You didn’t know how to drive a car, rock climb, or use facebook and instagram stories, but you learned. You can do this!

You don’t, we do. We work with you and your team at every step of this new journey to build out your booth, make it look the way you want, upload your digital products, and then train you how to use the platform before the show launches. 

If you don’t have a graphic designer to create digital assets we have hundreds of creatives and graphic designers in our network eager to jump in and help. 

Used by companies like Dupont, Amazon, Microsoft and more that have all held events, trade shows, product launches, and even virtual Christmas parties much larger than Thin Air, this technology has been tested with thousands of people on thousands of devices.

This isn’t new, it’s just new to our industry. 


Diversity in this industry depends not only on the images we show, the language we use, and the communities & individuals we celebrate, but the people telling the stories. Outdoor enthusiasts deserve to hear about your brand from perspectives they find relatable – whether that’s someone that looks like them, has similar abilities, or shares a similar upbringing or values. This industry has failed them in the past. We will not.”

And at Thin Air, diversity extends to the type of platform and community a creator has worked hard to build. Of course the brilliant journalists with assignments for cornerstone outdoor publications will be there – but so too will creators who’ve built massive followings using TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Mighty Networks, Podcasts, Blogs, Facebook groups and highly curated email lists.

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Thin Air prides itself on being different. Gone are the days of being sidelined because you’re media at a buyers show, or worse being told you don’t belong because you don’t write for a major publication or have a blog with 25,000 monthly views. 

We understand the power of your audience and so do our partnering brands. So whether you are crushing your instagram game, are the Pharow of Phlow with your podcast, or Queen of Clicks on youtube, you should be at Thin Air covering the latest and greatest gear for your audience. After all, you’re the one your audience knows, likes, and trusts to bring them the latest. That’s why you do what you do, and this is why we do what we do.

Welcome home.

*Thin Air is not a Media Sales event, we will only be accepting media that intends to cover brands and their products organically. If you’re interested in selling advertising in your publication, or pitching “pay for play” coverage, this isn’t the event for you, sorry. 


More than just a banner on a wall, our sponsor packages include show-wide attendee and exhibitor engagement opportunities not only with brands but with a thousand content creators as well.

Advisory Board

Hap Klopp

The North Face

Founder and 20 yr CEO of The North Face, Hap runs a private Consulting company specializing in strategy, global business, marketing and sales with a focus on digital business.

Mona West

Catapult Innovation labs

Mona is a Brand Leader and Startup Advisor with 20+ years experience helping build market-leading brands like Thermarest and MSR. She has also advised over 25 outdoor industry startups on their go-to-market strategy.

Todd Walton

Winter Wildlands Alliance

Todd is a global brand communications and marketing leader with 20+ years of experience delivering revenue-driving programs, expanding customer bases and loyalty for outdoor brands.

Scott Kaier

Formidable Media

For 20 years Scott has been a scientist of sorts, working with outdoors brands to determine what works, what doesn’t, and help them forge new paths in building customer loyalty.

Sarah Laughlin


The founder of an e-commerce ski and snowboard apparel rental service, Sarah lives her life at the intersection of future-forward brands and consumer attention. 

David Gensler


David is a passionate entrepreneur and business consultant with 26 years experience in creating, managing, and growing global brands. He’s worked with companies such as: adidas, Leica, and Mark Ecko Enterprises. David currently leads Vanish™, a media platform dedicated to inspiring outdoor lifestyle and culture.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

Amath Diouf


Melanin Basecamp & Thin Air DEI Committee Chair

Amath Diouf is a Muslim, North Carolina based hiker from a globe-trotting Senegalese family. He enjoys hiking and camping in the Blue Ridge mountains and writing about access and diversity in the outdoors.

Khristina Rhead


Sunrise Movement LA

Khristina is an environmentalist and an outdoor enthusiast. She is passion about ushering in greater diversity in the environmentalist and outdoor adventure community. She has a bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology and she hopes to go back to school soon to get a Masters in something related to the outdoor industry.

Carmela Montenegro


Peerly Outdoors

I have 3 years of experience as an outdoor educator at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. There, I was a marketing manager and coordinated several DEI-related outdoor events. Now, I’m starting a company that aims to educate people of color and those who suffer financially.

Evan Green



Evan is a black outdoor sports content creator. He is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico Evan is an avid climber, mountain biker, and splitboarder.

Mariana Torres


My passions include hiking and traveling. I’m hoping to inspire others to head outdoors as well.

Ambika Rajyagor



I’m a 24 year old Indian-American Outdoor/Adventure Blogger, Special Needs Advocate, and Activist. As someone who goes outdoors to look within, I can’t stand silent knowing there is is no “outdoors for all” when racism and ableism exists. My main purpose is to use my knowledge, skills, and experiences to help shape and positively contribute to the world I live in.

Jamie A. Diaz


Outdoor Asian Colorado

Jamie is a first-generation, mixed-race lady residing in Denver. Born and raised in NJ, she spent much of her life in exploring large US cities before moving to CO. Her favorite outdoor pursuits include hiking, rock climbing, running (slowly), and snowshoeing. Jamie loves engaging conversations, dancing, eating, reading, and doing self-work.

Pro Sayasith


Pro is the first US born in a family that immigrated from Laos. Although he’s lived his entire life in Salt Lake City, UT but began exploring the outdoors a few years ago and simply fell in love. Pro loves chasing waterfalls, bagging peaks, taking adventures in state and national parks and sharing his experiences with the world.

Betsy López-Wagner


Lopez-Wagner Strategies

Betsy has dedicated her life to advancing social good. She is a mentor, coach, trainer and storyteller. She offers consulting services in bilingual, environmental and equitable communications, political and advocacy campaigns, strategic partnership and movement building, inclusive grantmaking, Latino and BIPOC engagement, environmental policy, branding, and media relations with a racial justice lens.

Erin Key


Digital/Political Consultant

Erin Key is an outdoor enthusiast and political digital strategist working in Colorado. She is using her passion for visual imagery to promote that outdoors is for everyone — and that working together, we can diversify the outdoors, one hike at a time.



Awards Partner

GearJunkie leads the outdoor industry in breaking news and product reviews in the active-lifestyle world. From offices in Denver and Minneapolis, GearJunkie’s journalists, writers, and video producers advance the conversation online and beyond. Millions of monthly readers follow GearJunkie and engage through our active social and newsletter channels.

Formidable Media

Agency Partner

Founded by Scott Kaier and Aaron Bible, Formidable Media is an innovative New Media agency based in Boulder, Colorado, born from two outdoor industry veterans helping a small, select group of clients achieve new heights in consumer reach. Expertise in content marketing, public relations and earned media exposure, trade show impact, event execution, social media strategy and creative services made Formidable the ideal agency partner for Thin Air. 


Media Partner

Vanish is a media platform dedicated to helping inspire your outdoor life and style. Covering what’s new and hot, Vanish also strives to uncover what’s next by focusing on the convergence and collisions between Nature / Culture / Future™ and the individuals and brands driving change.

Behind the scenes

Jenna Celmer

A Strategic Thinking, Storytelling, Brand Conceptualization, Visual Communication, Community Management, and Concept Design specialist, Jenna knows what it takes to get brands recognized in the new world of digital media.

Erik Boles

Driven by a passion for digital media, product evangelism, and innovation, Erik is a result-oriented technology, marketing & business professional with over 25 years experience guiding brands from cottage to keystone, retail to CPG through the digital transformation landscape like REI, Cabelas, DSW Shoes, American Eagle Outfitters, and more.

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